Digital Artwork Guidelines

Your guide for creating print-quality artwork for your stand

Once your stand structure has been agreed and you've received the artwork dimensions for your stand, you're ready to begin creating your imagery. To help you with your designs, we've written some quick tips for you to consider when conceptualising show-ready artwork for your stand.

If you don’t have access to designers for this imagery, please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

For the best quality, artwork should be created in vector format (ai. or vector eps). Logos taken from websites are generally very poor quality. GIF/PNG files are not acceptable as they will not print clearly (see visual below).


  •  Artwork should be created at 25% of actual size, however for larger files i.e. Banner artwork, 10% of actual size due to limitation of pages sizes in Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator.
  • Scans should be no smaller than 300dpi at quarter size.
  • Please include all links (images, logos, fonts) when suppling InDesign and illustrator files
  •  Microsoft Word and Excel are for text only, logos and images inserted will not be high enough quality for large format printing.
  • PowerPoint files are also not recommended, as images are often very low resolution.
  •  *JPEG - We accept this format but only if used to compress a file for ease of sending, the original artwork should have been created high resolution - 300dpi (see visual)
  •  *PDF – These are print files only and cannot be altered to fit different sizes, artwork must be set up at the correct proportion and at print ready quality. Please make sure images are saved at high resolution (300dpi).
  •  All artwork suppled for large format printing requires 10mm bleed when artwork is setup at 25% (do not add any trim/crop marks)
  • Banner wrap and Banners require 10mm bleed all-round when artwork is setup at 10% (do not add any trim/crop marks)

If your art work is set up using PANTONE Colours please supply a Pantone colour reference. Some colours are more likely to be achieved, however due to printer limitations Pantone colours are matched to their best possible interpretation for the specific output device. Hard copies such as brochures or printouts can also be used as a reference for colour matching. All essential colour matches need to be specifically noted in the file and by email.

Please make sure any blacks used in your design/artwork use a CMYK mix of Cyan 100%, Magenta 100%, Yellow 100%, Black 100%, this will create a rich black colour.

All artwork files can be sent directly to our email address

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