Q: Can you replicate a stand design that we have already received from another Company?

A: Yes, we are able to replicate designs used at other shows or provide estimate costs for designs that have been done elsewhere, however we will review and revise them where necessary in order to meet Reed Exhibitions and Venue Build Regulations.

Q: Can we use our own Furniture and AV equipment on the stand?

A: Yes, you are welcome to use your own equipment on their stand if you have it available. However, with AV equipment we ask that you provide the specifications for all the kit you plan to bring with you, including the correct equipment to mount anything onto a wall. If all of this is provided in advance, the Build Team are happy to install the AV equipment whilst onsite.

Q: What happens we can’t produce digital artwork for our stand?

A: If your Organisation lacks the resource or capacity to produce print-ready artwork for your stand, we can provide Graphic Design Services on your behalf, which is charged at an hourly rate depending on the amount of work required. As standard, this is not included in our SmartSpace quotations, and would need to be specified at the point of signing the quotation in order for the service to be scheduled with a Designer.

Q: Are there any hidden costs, or anything that can’t be added to a SmartSpace package?

A: There are no hidden costs, or anything additional added to a SmartSpace package without written confirmation from yourself. We are unable to include Storage/Freight costs, Lead Scanners, Additional Exhibitor badges or Parking Permits in a SmartSpace package. Additionally, any major design changes that require a new set of visuals once the quotation has been signed will be chargeable at a per design rate.

Q: What happens if we miss the artwork deadline?

A: The artwork deadline is put in place to ensure our Production Team have enough time to render a Proof for you to approve, print the graphics themselves and load them into the Transport with all our stands for that show. Missing the deadline means the graphics will not make it onto the Transport before it has to leave for the venue, and you will be liable to pay the costs to have them shipped to the venue separately. Depending on the amount of graphics/size of the stand, this can be over £1000 so we advise the artwork deadlines from the point of signing the quotation, and follow up regularly to ensure this scenario doesn’t happen..

Q: Can I purchase the stand and store it for future use?

A: As standard, all SmartSpace stands are on a ‘Hire Only’ basis. Certain elements of the stand – such as graphics – can be kept and stored once the show is over, but this needs to be agreed in advance.

Q: What happens if I can no longer attend the show, but I’ve already paid for SmartSpace?

A: Once a signed quotation is received for a SmartSpace package, our Build Team will begin production right away. If, at the last minute, you cancel your attendance, the stand will still be built and dismantled as agreed and simply left empty.

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