A Guide to Exhibition Electrics

  • A Guide to Exhibition Electrics

    "Which socket do I need to order?"

    This is probably the most frequently asked question we have, and it's a good one. The information below gives you an idea of what kind of power supply you might need, if you're in any doubt please call our customer service team and they'll be happy to help.

  • TOP TIP:
    The wattages given here are for guidance only. Where possible, always check the name plate on the appliance or the manufacturers' manual to find the maximum wattage consumption.

  • 500w socket

    TV (up to about 42"), laptops, Phone Chargers

    1000w socket

    TV (up to 60"), Lighting up to 1000w, Upright Fridge/Cooler

  • 2000w socket

    Microwave, Domestic Coffee Machine, Small Vacuum Cleaner

    3000w socket

    Kettle, Standard irons, Counter Top Oven

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