Writing a Comprehensive Stand Brief

  • Writing a Comprehensive Stand Brief

    The most important part of turning your exhibition stand concept into an innovative and captivating stand design is being able to write a concise and comprehensive design brief. By following our 6-step guide, you will be able to accurately convey to a designer precisely the type of stand you want, allowing them the best opportunity to visualise the stand design you need, maximising your return on investment (ROI).

  • 1. Establish your show objectives…

    Begin by defining your reason or objective for trade show participation and the message you want to clearly communicate with your exhibition stand. Then, keep these two goals in mind throughout the design process.

    2. Understand your audience…

    Understanding the exhibition’s audience and comparing this to your own customer profile should help you establish who you will target to meet your objectives. Are they new prospects you want to draw and engage? Are they existing customers that you want to host and cross-sell to?

    3. Boost your brand…

    The most amazing exhibition stand may fall at the first hurdle if it does not convey your organization’s image, values, and product or service capabilities. When writing a brief, ensure you include as much information as possible on your Brand Identity so the designers can reflect this in their design concepts.

    4. Consider on-stand activities…

    What’s the desired visitor experience on stand look like? Prioritise stand activities, e.g. lead taking, hospitality and demonstrations. Are there any specific considerations to facilitate your on-stand activities?

    5. Maximise your space…

    Your stand should take full advantage of the booth space you’ve chosen, so ensure you allocate the right amount of space to achieve your show objectives, e.g. if you don’t need a storeroom, simply choose lockable cupboards, allowing for more open space on the stand.

    6. Give examples…

    Have you seen a stand at a recent show that had a great design concept? Do you want to replicate or adapt these ideas to use on your stand? Ensure all this is included in your design brief to give the designer the best possible starting point.

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